Avira Restaurant for breakfast and lunch

Set on top with a view which will surely de-stress you, enjoy our hospitality and relish the food we serve. Take your time. Sure even God must have taken a lot of time creating this place. RELAX !

Flames For Dinner With Camp Fire

Aqua Take a dip, not a dive

If, and only if, you know to swim we will permit you to swim in the pond. The water is fresh and flowing. This is an ideal spot during the afternoons. Relax by the pond.


Badminton court set beside an amphitheater made out of earth. You could exercise mind or body.

Thattu kada

Tea shop set by the pond out here one is served tea or coffee with hot bhajias and banana fritters.


Where ideas are hatched. A conference room set in nature which could be used for off site meeting and training.