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Cancellation of confirmed bookings will be treated as follows:

  • No refund if cancellation is effected within 10 days prior to the check-in date
  • 75% refund will be issued if cancellation is effected between 11 and 15 days prior to the check-in date
  • 90% refund will be issued for all cancellations effected  beyond 16 days
  • The Company may at its discretion and without liability or cost to itself at any time cancel or terminate the guest's booking in the event of illegal or incompatible behavior of the guest, who shall in such circumstances not be entitled to any refund. The person making any booking will thereby warrant that he or she has authority to enter into a contract with the company on behalf of all people included in the booking.
  • The mode of refund (if any) will be as follows: We will issue an Account Payee Cheque within 15 days  of receipt of written cancellation request  No interest will be payable for such amounts refunded .